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Quattro Media maintains a growing publishing division. We look to foster new literary voices in graphic novels, adult fiction, non-fiction and childrens’ books. Our imprints include Madness Books which publishes kids picture books, middle grade chapter books and YA novels; Malevolent Books which publishes adult spec fiction from thrillers and science fiction to horror; and Tinsel Road Books which publishes Los Angeles-centric and entertainment industry-centric material. ​

We do not accept unsolicited material of any kind. We do accept query letters and a literary agent is not required for submission.


Madness Books publishes a diverse array of material appealing to kids and young adults. We’ll consider picture books, chapter books, novels, and work books as well as activity books.

We will publish first novels that we believe in. Allie Carson: Interpreter Extraordinaire by Marilyn Kinghorn and Fox & the Peach by Nick Thaler were both first novels.

Fox & the Peach

Set in 1570 feudal Japan and based on Japanese folklore, the the challenges of isolation, the archetypal chosen one, redemption, abuse of power, racial enmity, and the struggle to remain morally faithful are timeless. It follows a girl’s journey to discover why she has been chosen as the harbinger of renewed hope.

Malevolent Books publishes a wide range of material appealing to general audiences. We’ll consider novels (science fiction, horror, thriller, action adventure among others), coffee table books, novelty books, and humor books, as well as graphic novels.


Throughout history, literature thought to have been provocative, daring or challenging to the status quo has been described as malevolent.


Harold Fernandez’s epic journey in the dark early hours of October 1978 in a small boat fleeing the violence of Medellin takes him to the charm and beauty of the mythic classrooms and laboratories of Princeton and Harvard. To fulfill his dream of helping others, Harold endured the struggle of living in the margins as an undocumented immigrant.

Tinsel Road celebrates all that is Los Angeles and publishes material to support the entertainment industries. This includes THE DIRECTORY of Comic Book and Graphic Novel Publishers which provides access to comic book publishers worldwide. We’re also developing a new directory of movie and television producers. We’ll publish an array of screenplays, plays, humor books and coffee table books celebrating the city of angels.

The Directory

Whether you’re a film or TV executive looking for intellectual property or you’re a creator looking to publish your work, THE DIRECTORY of Comic Book and Graphic Novel Publishers provides quick and easy access to everyone in the comics business with over 1100 publishers across 42 countries.

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